Getting Under the Bar!

Thank you so much for all of the love for my birthday!!!! I truly consider all of you family and I was grateful to do 39 burpees with everyone at each class!! I sneaked in an extra 5 to start my 40th year and make it a nice round 200 for the day!! Thank you all!!!...


Alright everybody! It’s Monday AND its Coach Michael’s BIRTHDAY!! He has been a huge part of my life for awhile now and for those of you just meeting him, your life will never be the same! He is an incredibly positive person with a huge heart! He’s...


Main – CrossFit Gymnasty (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 20 min AMRAP 3 wall climbs 10 up-downs 5 reverse AbMat sit-ups 10 grasshoppers (left/right = 1)

Feeling the Burn

Main – CrossFitConditioning (AMRAP – Reps)20 minute AMRAP: Max Reps Back Squat #bodyweight 400m Run Max Reps Push Ups