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Ok everybody, just a reminder. Our SCF Holiday Party is this next Saturday at Tubbys Tavern and we don’t want you to miss out! If you haven’t paid and let us know your coming please do so quick. We want to give the restaurant a final head count. Also, November is almost over so if you’d like to take advantage of the grandfather rate moving into the new year please grab a coach to sign a new contract before it’s too late. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Saturday’s Work

A. Strict Press—work up to a heavy single in 8:00


B. EMOM 6: Push Jerks

[Minute 1 do 3 reps, Minute 2 do 3 reps, Minute 3 do 2 reps, Minute 4 do 1 rep, Minute 5 do 1 rep, Minute 6 do 1 rep]

*Can go up each minute as desired*


C. Immediately after the last minute of the EMOM ends, perform 1 Set Max Rep Push Jerks @ last weight used in the EMOM [use good form!]



4 Sets:

AMRAP 2:00:

10 Power Snatches @95/65#

10 Box Jumps @24/20”

20 Double Unders

Rest 2:00

*pick up where you left off each time*