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Here is the pre-Thanksgiving Dinner crew for the partner Girls WOD!

We hope everybody had a great long weekend! Two quick announcements before we charge into the week! This coming Saturday night is the SCF Holiday Party! If you vent paid or let us know your coming please do! We want to get a head count ASAP. You aren’t going to want to miss this one so let us know!

Second, Wednesday is November 30th which is the last day to sign a new contract to get locked into the grandfather rate until the end of time! If you want to take advantage of this before it’s gone please grab a coach and get it done.



Monday’s Work

A1. Paused Back Squat, 2-3 reps @32X1; rest 1:30 x4

A2. Weighted Chinup, 2-3 reps; rest 1:30 x4


AMRAP 10:00

Row 750m

25 KB Swings @2/1.5 pood

40 Ring Pushups

25 KB Swings



Optional Skill Development:

Bar MU Practice


Practice big kip without pull a couple times first, then go for 5-6 attempts. If you have Bar MU’s, try to work on utilizing your kip and body position most optimally so you can land almost locked out.




The Grind

8 Rounds for Time:

40m Walking Lunges (optional: hug a plate)

150m Row

15 Ab-Mat Situps

(hint: your legs will be toasty anyway without that plate)