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LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Who watched day one and what did you think?

Thursday’s Work

NFT Day!

A1. Single Leg Deadlift, 4-5 reps; rest :30 between legs x3

A2. Half-Kneeling Single Arm DB Shoulder Press, 8-10 reps/arm @30X1; rest :30 x3

A3. Deadbugs against the wall, 12 reps (slow and controlled); rest 1:00 x3


B1. Turkish Getups, 2-3 reps/arm; rest :30 x3

B2. Barbell Good Mornings, 5-6 reps @3131; rest 1:00 x3


C. Freestanding Handstand Work (take the rest of the class to work on holds, walks, and other drills)




The Grind

Partner WOD!

AMRAP 20:00

16 DB Alternating Snatches @40/25#

8 Burpee Broad Jumps

16 DB Russian Twists


Partner 1 does 1 round while Partner 2 does calories on the Abike, then switch until 20:00 is up