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Thursday’s Work

NFT Day!

A1. KB Halos, 8-10/direction; rest :30 x3

A2. Poliquin Step ups, 8/leg; rest 1:00 x3


B1. Lying Tricep Extensions, 6/arm; rest :30 x3


B2. Shrimp Squats, 6-8 reps/leg @30X0; rest :30 between legs x3


B3. Bottoms Up KB Press 4-5 reps (controlled); rest 1:00 x3


C1. Single Leg Glute Bridge, :30 hold/side; rest :30 between sides x3

C2. DB Cross Chop, 8 reps/side; rest 1:00 x3




The Grind

A. Hang Snatch—Work up to a heavy single in 8:00



DB Hang Clean Thrusters

Burpee Box Jump Overs