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Wednesday’s Work

A1. Close(r) Grip Chin Ups, AMRAP(-1); rest :30 x3

(For the movement today we want to move our hands closer together as we complete the chin-up to prioritize the biceps as the major moving muscle rather than the back; it says close (r) because we only want you to move in so far as you are still able to complete the movement well)

A2. DB Skull Crushers, 10-12 rep; rest :30 x3


B. Every 1:30, do 3-5 Ring Dips x5

(add weight if too easy) 


3 Sets:

9 Knees to Elbows

12 Hand Release Pushups

15 Calorie Row

Rest 1:30




The Grind


KB Goblet Squats @1.5/1 pood

Ab Mat Situps

*Begin each set with a 300m Row*