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Thursday’s Work

NFT Day!

A1. Fire Hydrant, 10 reps/side; rest :30 x3


A2. Ankle Clam Shells, 10 reps; rest :30 x3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9gcK67zocA keep knees together! 


B1. KB Windmill, 4-6/side (controlled); rest :30 x3

B2. Goblet Cossack Squat, 10 alternating reps; rest :30 x3


B3. Goblet Squats, 8-10 reps @31X0; rest 1:00 x3


C1. DB Russian Step Up, 10-12 alternating reps; rest :30 x3


C2. Bear Crawl, 20m ASAP*; rest :30 x3 (keep your butt low)

*ASAP = As Slow As Possible




The Grind

EMOM 25:00:

3 Medball Cleans + 5 Wall Ball Shots + 10 Double unders

*If you don’t finish in the minute, take the next whole round off, then start back the following minute*