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Bring a toy this Saturday…we are collecting toys in partnership with FaithRxd for Christmas…if you cannot make this Saturday, drop off before!

Also, remember to get your tickets for our Holiday Ugly Sweater Party, it’s next weekend!! Saturday December 14 starting at 6:30pm…food, drinks, photo booth!!


NFT Day!

A1. KB Windmill, 5 reps/side (controlled); rest :30 x4

A2. Glute Hip Bridges, 3-4 reps @30X1; rest :30 x4


B1. DB Renegade Row with Rotation, 8-10 alternating reps; rest :30 x3


B2. DB Floor Press with Hip Bridge, 8-10 reps; rest :30 x3


B3. Barbell Good Mornings, 10-12 reps (controlled); rest 1:00 x3

C. ¼ Turkish Getups, 6 reps/side; rest :30 between sides x3



The Grind

3 Rounds:

750m Row

50 KB Swings @1.5/1 pood

25 Medball Ab Mat SItups