/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php Thursday - Stability CrossFit

NFT Day!

A1. Bent Hollow Hold, :45-1:00; rest :30 x2

A2. Single-leg Glute Bridge Hold, :15-:20 hold; rest :30 btw legs x2

B1. Top of Ring Dip Hold, :15-:30 hold; rest :30 x3 (add weight vest/weight belt if too easy)

B2. Dead Hang to Inverted, 2-3 reps; rest 1:00 x3

C. Muscle Up Negatives, accumulate 5-6 good reps (slow and controlled), resting as needed


D1. Russian Situps with KBs, 6-8 reps; rest :30 x3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gCEGQyZDq8 (with KB’s in both hands)

D2. Grasshoppers, 30 reps; rest 1:00 x3


The Grind

Partner WOD!

5 Rounds For Time:

20 Power Clean & Jerks @115/75#

30 Calorie Abike

20 Wall Ball Shots

30 KB Swings @1.5/1 pood