Karl Konradson

Karl Konradson

Level 2 Coach

Snatch: 255 lbs
Clean: 290 lbs
Deadlift: 465 lbs
Squat: 355 lbs


CrossFit Level 1 certification

About Karl

Hater of Burpees and lover of the Snatch! I started CrossFit in 2013 and have been coaching since 2015. Originally from Oregon, moved to Virginia by the Navy, and now a Real Estate agent and a local CrossFit coach in the Hampton Roads.

Passion & Motivation

The best part about coaching is not only helping people understand how to move well and safely, but building long lasting relationships that develop in and outside of the box!

Turning Point

CrossFit brought working out back to life for me. I was bored with the routine of back and bi’s and chest and tri’s, and the fact that my biceps were bigger than my quads due to the lack of ever seeing a leg day… CrossFit has changed my lifestyle and perspective towards fitness and I love it!

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