Michael Uncapher

Michael Uncapher

Owner/Level 2 Coach

Squat: 315 lbs
Clean & Jerk: 233 lbs
Deadlift: 330 lbs
Snatch: 178 lbs
Fran: 2:58
Fight Gone Bad: 419


CrossFit Level 1 certification
CrossFit Level 2 certification
USAW Sports Performance Certification
West Point Kinesiology Bachelors Degree

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Athletic Background

What athletic achievements have you accomplished? What sports did you play growing up? What are your highlights?

Turning Point

Turning points that “force us to decide who we are and what we are capable of.” Share the turning point in your life and how it impacted you. Your readers will be moved by it. Moved, that is, to take action and join your gym.


What’s your purpose for coaching? Who are you impassioned to serve? State it clearly so your readers know whether or not you are the right coach for them. By the time your readers get to the end of your bio, they should be either hitting the back button because you’re the wrong coach for them, or signing up to join.


Every good story has a hero and an enemy. Yours should too. When you describe the enemy of your life journey, try to identify an enemy that everyone can relate to. Maybe it’s your own internal doubt, or procrastination, failure at a sport as a kid. Whatever it is, your ideal members will know exactly what you’re talking about and want to know more about how you conquered the enemy.

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