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Great job to everyone on the hard work you put in during the last 12 weeks! The PR gong was heard multiple times throughout the cycle and we are looking to continue that progress through this next 6 weeks. This cycle will focus onbuilding upper body strength and developing gymnastics movements as well as honing core stability through a variety of stimuli including isometric holds, unilateral movements, and traditional core exercises. During the next few weeks you will see less barbell movements in our strength portion. Keep in mind that, in order to reap the gains of this cycle, challengingyourself appropriately will be key. For some that may mean adding a weight vest or weight belt. For others that may mean grabbing a smaller band or opting for a harder scale. Rely on the expertise of your coaches to help you make that decision if you are struggling with how to optimize your daily work!

As far as energy systems go, we will see a mix throughout this cycle to support the strength goals we have over the next month and a half. We will also start adding some running back into our workouts getting ready for the spring and summer and the sprinting progression that will be in the cycle after this one.One last thought, with increased gymnastics comes a necessity of grip and hand care. If you don’t have a good routine already, be sure to talk to a coach or another athlete about how to take care of callouses, rips, and forearm tightness. Let’s get to it!

A. AMRAP 3:00—Strict Pullups (fully pronated or mix grip, but not fully supinated)

Scaled—thinnest band possible; Advanced—Strict C2B Pullups


5 Rounds:


10 Alternating Pistols

5 C2B Pullups

10 Push Press @95/65#


The Grind

4 Rounds:

400m Row

15 Toes to Bar

20 Wall Ball shots