Brandy Burd

Brandy Burd

Level 2 Coach


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About Brandy

Where do I begin?  Athletic/Competitive background or my love of coaching?  The amazing thing is, they just kind of mesh together.  I was a competitive gymnast since age 4.  I trained at the Richmond Olympiad and had high hopes of becoming an Olympic gymnast.  That changed when I was 10 and on the way home from practice was involved in a bad car accident.  I was no longer an elite gymnast after that, but my drive to compete was always there.  I became a World Champion Skeet Shooter by the time I was 15 and held 2 world records.  Not exactly athletic, I know,  but competitive for sure. I don’t think THAT ever left me.  Fast forward a “few” years. I am a happily married mother of 3 amazing kids! I found my gift and passion as a Certified Birth Doula and have been attending births and serving families since 2002.  As a professional childbirth coach I empower and motivate women and their partners all the time.  So when I began CrossFitting, it filled a big place in my heart for athletics, competitiveness, and motivation.  Coaching just fit right in with what I was already doing for my doula clients.  I love my gift, I feel like it’s a superpower.  Like I can see the strength and ability that a person is capable of before they can….then I coach them to it.  The skill involved in CrossFit brings me back to my gymnastics days and I love to teach skill. I enjoy helping you reach your goals, from your first pull up to your PR’d Fran time!  Welcome to CrossFit!

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