Clarissa Clark

Clarissa Clark

CrossFit Kids & Teens Manager

Double Unders: over 70 in a row
Clean and Jerk: 150 lbs
Snatch: 110 lbs
100m Sprint: 12 Sec


Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Kids Certification

About Clarissa

I grew up with a background in gymnastics, soccer, and mostly multiple forms of dance. I was a competitive ballet dancer, and performed on stage as a soloist and/or in lead roles. I was engaged with many forms of dance including, ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, flamenco, character, broadway, tap, and hip hop. I quit my dancing career due to burn out even though I was on my way to dancing in elite dance companies in New York. I gave myself about 7 months of a sedentary lifestyle before picking up gym fitness and running, making a 180 degree from what my body was used to. I started out in gyms by myself as a teenager, not really knowing what I was doing necessarily, but working towards redeveloping my calisthenic and cardio strength. From then on, I started on a journey of healthful living, full of dietary changes and refining my focus within the world of fitness. I began working with a mentor, which lasted for two years, who taught me sports physiology, anatomy, human biology, and fitness science. Through training with this mentor, I gained so much more knowledge and confidence towards building my own health and fitness. Right as I moved on from his mentor-ship, i discovered Crossfit. It was a perfect transition, as I was doing a lot of functional fitness training already. However, Crossfit had me realize how “not-fit” i actually was. It didn’t take but a couple of years before I was eager to help people along their fitness journey as well. As I started taking on the role of a Crossfit coach, I discovered a love for teaching kids. I took on a a summer job teaching kids’ fitness, then moved onto teaching young kids dance and sports with another company, to now running the Crossfit Kids Program with Stability Crossfit. I don’t need to be the fittest person in the room in order to coach kids and teenagers, who inevitably become stronger and faster than me. I think that is the goal, to be a springboard in which the kids and teen athletes can reach much farther heights than I ever could.

Athletic Background

Within the last 6 years of my Crossfit Career, i hit a brick wall with my health. In November of 2014, I had some major life changes that brought me to my knees. I made some changes in response, and sold my car and bought a bicycle as my main mode of transportation. I used my legs, riding over 50 miles a week, while working as a waitress 35 hours a week, and attempting to train with the same intensity. 7-8 months of this left me battered with severe adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, and slight acidosis. I had taken 10 months off Crossfit – the first 4 months I spent doing nothing but working and sleeping. Slowly I had regained my strength enough to get back into running and biking, and doing calisthenics with a friend. I also went on a mostly raw diet the last 4 months, juicing and eating as much fresh and raw fruits and vegetables as possible. In the Fall of 2015, i found myself back in the gym at Stability Crossfit. It was a slow process getting back to my regular fitness level. The entire experience tested my self-love and my perception of my self-worth – I ended up expanding my identity from more than just someone who coaches and does Crossfit. I pursued other interests during that down time, interests that have stayed with me since. Sometimes i questioned whether I’d ever get back to Crossfit and coaching. But all I needed was time and healing. We cannot control what life gives us, but we can control how we respond to each opportunity.

Passion & Motivation

Coaching and teaching kids of all ages is what I’m passionate about. I absolutely LOVE the kids I get to interact with, helping to impart a bit of wisdom and self-confidence. The most rewarding part of my jobs, is that I get to see them grow immeasurably. Not just in their fitness, in their strength and cardiovascular capacity, but in their mental and emotional toughness as well. I am first and foremost their coach and teacher, but what makes each class fun is the friendship we all share. The desire from the kids to tell me about their personal life and keep me updated with whats going on in their world. It really makes me feel like I am helping these kids not only by being their coach, but by being an adult who is a good listener.


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