5 Questions I Should Be Asking About My Gym’s Programming


  1. What is it?

For us at Stability CrossFit, we prefer a General Preparedness Program with a Strength-Bias. What this means is that you will see a wide-variety of energy system training with strategic touches on major strength lifts, Olympic Lifting and auxiliary strength components. While some cycles may be directed towards certain goals, the basic assumption of our programming is that we want you to be in shape, and we want you to be able to move weight. 


  1. Who is it for?

All of our members. Whether you are a new or seasoned CrossFitter, a competitor or an enthusiast…Red, White or Blue, our programming is for you! You’re not going to see a ton of percentages, and when you do they will typically be a guideline rather than a mandate. You will use weight selections based on feel for most lifting sets, which means the programming meets you where you are, not where you think you should/could be or where you were/have already surpassed. Having an off day? Work technique. Feeling golden? Go for that heavier set! 


  1. Why do I need this?

This is a great question. Because you want gains, right? And rather than reinvent the wheel, here’s how to get them.

1. Build a good foundation of movement. 

The foundational pieces of movement play a pivotal role in the growth of new gains. This is why we stress the importance of Fundamentals. This is why your Coach tells you to go down in weight on a certain lift, change up the complexity of a lift (I.E. take it from the hang) or master a different movement first (I.E. work on super strict ring rows before trying kipping pullups with a band). These and the flow of the programming all play into preparing a good soil in which to grow your gains. 

2. Don’t mistake volume for potency. 

While there exists a bevy of possible cycles for getting massive gains, remember this: all gains come with a price. For the purposes of what we at CrossFit Stability are trying to accomplish, a program that entails pulling heavy things off the ground every day of the week won’t get us the results we are looking for. Rather, having a cycled target lift each week complemented with other strength components and auxiliary work will see your numbers rise in ways we can put to good use (e.g., for more gains). 

3. What you do to fuel your gains, matters. 

Some people can be genetically awesome and eat pizza and cookies and have the performance and physique we want. For others, they have to be meticulous about their diet and what goes into their bodies to get the results they want. Wherever you fall in that spectrum you should be able to identify how to fuel for the goals you want. If you think you can eat 1600 calories a day and add 50 pounds to your Squat (without any weird illegal drugs), I wish you luck on your journey, but that is a hard road. Fuel for performance, and you’ll be taking the simpler (not easier), tried-and-true road. 


  1. How will it help me?

The process. Let’s talk about it. Some day’s work may look a little different. You may think, hm, what will I get out of this? Why do I have to rest this long? Why are they not doing an all out metcon today? These are all totally valid questions. Your body is an amazing machine capable of countless feats of physical, mental and emotional capacities. But at the end of the day it is a machine, and it needs certain things to be working in prime condition. Gone are the days of coming into the gym, beating yourself up on a bunch of different workouts or lifts and coming back the next day to do it again. We know more than that now. Some days may not look taxing or worth it, but we can promise you these days are integral in the maintenance and optimization of your machine (body). So with that, we leave you with a simple mantra: Respect the process. Whatever the process holds, be present for it. Be humbled, not humiliated. Be proud of what your body can do, rather than covet what you’d wish it could do. We will be with you every step of the way. 


  1. How long is it?

Typically, our cycles are 6-12 weeks long depending on the purpose of the cycle.  

Any time you have specific questions, your coaches are here to answer them. We are passionate about helping you on your fitness journey and we feel blessed that you decided to become a part of the SCF family. We are in this together. 

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