Maximus Gluteus

Main – CrossFit15 minutes to practice Handstands, HSPU, Handstand WalkMaximus Gluteus (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)20 min AMRAP 1 Squat clean to 20′ Front rack walking Lunge 135/95 4 HSPU 1 Squat clean to 20′ Front rack walking Lunge 135/95 10 Box...


5:30 going to town on last nights metcon! Great way to start the week everybody!! A lot of weight was moved yeaterday and a lot PRs were hit! Lets keep on rolling with this momentum and crush a classic! Helen and a row! Main – CrossFitHelen (Time)3 Rounds for...

Just a reminder

Just a reminder… Today starts SCF not having Noon class through the end off summer! See you at 5:30 and 6:30pm classes! Heavy weight has been picked up all morning, come get some;)

5 RM Dead Lifts, AMRAP

Main – CrossFit Deadlift (20 minutes to find a new 5 RM) 8min AMRAP 5 DL, 10 Wall Balls, 15 weighted ABMATS (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) 8 minute AMRAP: 5 DL @ 60 % 5RM 10 Wall Balls 20/14 15 Weighted ABMATs 15/10

Saturday Fun Day

Look who has been rockin’ pull ups these days!! It’s game time!! Don’t forget to tune in a watch the CrossFit Games! All of the big names we love to watch are competing all weekend out in Carson city for the title of Fittest man or Woman on earth!...