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Ok everybody, we are back at it with a full schedule and that’s not all! This Monday and Wednesday we are piloting a 12:00 Noon CrossFit class! For now it is only going to be Monday and Wednesday so let’s get the word out and stack this new class for some Lunch Bunch Fun!

Monday’s Work

A. Snatch Balance, 3 reps (moderate & snappy); rest 1:00 x3

B. Overhead Squat, 5-3-3-1-1; rest 1:30 btw sets


EMOM 15:00

Minute 1- 7 TnG Power Snatches @55-60% of 1RM (scale appropriately if unable to keep good form/TnG) 

Minute 2- 35-45 Double Unders

Minute 3- REST




The Grind

5 Rounds:

500m Row

15 Front Squats @115/75#

30 Ball Slams