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Tuesday’s Work

A. Box Squat 3-4 reps; rest 2:00 x5



EMOM 15:00

Minute 1- Max Calorie Row

Minute 2- Max Medball Cleans

Minute 3- REST




The Grind

10 Rounds:

6 Deadlifts @115/75#

9 Lateral Burpees over Bar

12 Box Jumps @24/20”


Block 21 Write-up

This will be short and sweet. While your gains are always on my mind, there’s a new dude in town whose taking up more and more of my time, energy, and brain cells ☺ This cycle will see a continuation of some of the elements that are helpful in achieving the summer bod’s we all want while taking advantage of the nice summer weather (i.e., the running workouts and the ab work). However, we are going to be getting into longer distances and mixing in more of the aerobic component with our running as well as our workouts, in order to train multiple energy systems. The goal on these days is managing a consistent effort over a longer time domain, rather than going out hard and tapering off. #fitness. NFT days will be focused on increasing core stability in different positions as well as training some more gymnastics movements and overhead work. We will continue build upon the last cycle’s overhead stability focus using exercises like pause reps, overhead carry’s, odd loads, and different positions to create more awareness around the core to overhead connection. Lastly, we will use this new connection in our Oly lifts to improve transfer of power from the hips to overhead in movements such as the snatch, push press and all the jerk variations.

I’m looking to seeing you all progress in this next cycle and I hope to jump back in classes with you soon. If you have any questions about this or any cycle we do, never hesitate to ask a coach! Let’s do it!